Shutting Off Water for Vacation or Repairs

When leaving on an extended vacation it is a good idea to have your water shut off. Having the water turned off can prevent water line breaks and burst pipes when there is no one present to monitor the facilities. If there were to be a leak the water department would charge the customer for water that was registered through the water meter. Having your water turned off is a good way to minimize risk and avoid high bills while away from your property. 


Water customers can notify the water department in writing, or by placing a phone call to have their water service turned off. This will eliminate some quarterly usage charges, dependent upon how long the customer will be out of the home/business. When returning the customer should notify the water department in writing or by placing a phone call to have the service turned back on. There is a $30 charge to have the water turned on or off. Both charges (turn on/off) will be charged to the customers next quarterly billing.