Sewer Division

Sewer Connection Charges

The Charter Township of Waterford, as operators of the sanitary sewer system, is obligated by State Law Public Act 288 and Waterford Ordinance 101, to require all premises within 200 feet of an available sanitary sewer, to connect to said sewer within 18 months of the availability of the sewer.

The method of financing the Connection Fee is as follows:

  • A "Capital Charge" of $1,300 per unit (single family residence) and a "Lateral Benefit Fee" of $2,300 per unit will be charged and payable as follows:
    • Payment Plan: The total $3,600 charge can be paid over a 30 year period as follows:
    • Premise being connected to sewer was occupied prior to the sewer installation.
    • A Down Payment of $198.72 at the time of issuance of a connection permit.
    • 29 annual payments of $263.52 which includes the interest of 6.5% per annum.
    • The annual payments will be due the first of the month, 1 year following the permit date.
    • For those selecting the Payment Plan, a yearly statement will be sent indicating the principal, interest, and total yearly payment. Information on the unpaid balance will be available upon request.
  • A Sewer Connection Permit Fee of $5 is payable upon application.
  • Proof of ownership (A recorded copy of your deed, land contract or mortgage which shows the liber and page number on the top of the first page) is required at the time of applying for the payment plan. All persons whose names appear on the document must be present to sign lien.

The quarterly sewage disposal charge will be included on the water bill for those premises served by the Township Water System. This charge is as follows effective January 1, 2024:

  • $77.29 per quarter minimum as the Ready to Serve Charge.
  • $4.22 per 100 C.F. of sewer usage starting at 0.
Any premise not utilizing Township water will be billed a flat rate of $140.89 per quarter.

Final Bill / Name Change Request Form

Your cooperation in assisting Waterford Township in its pollution abatement program, by complying with the requirement to connect to the sewer system will be greatly appreciated.

Fats, Oils & Grease

Learn about the bad effects fats, oils and grease, used for cooking and baking, can have on the sewer system when poured down the drain after their use and how to prevent it.

Subordination/Attainment Agreements
Waterford Township DPW no longer Subordinates any assessment effective August 12, 2002.