Waterford Township Veterans Memorial

The Waterford Township Veterans Memorial is located on the grounds of the Waterford Civic Center Campus between the Waterford Township Public Library and the Crescent Hills Cemetery.

Recognizing all Veterans who have honorably served.
The memorial honors all honorably discharged veterans, and the military branches in which they served.

Project Funding

No tax dollars have been used in the construction of this memorial. This project has been totally supported by the community and donations. The committee could never have built this beautiful memorial without funding from our major donors, as well as numerous donations from individuals.

Memorial Plaza

The concrete plaza is 56 feet in diameter. The plaza is surrounded by 2 rows of memorial bricks. Within the black granite walls is the 5 sided monument with an eagle on top. We refer to this as the pentagon. The shape of the pentagon represents the 5 branches of the military:
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marines
  • Navy
Each branch is represented by a medallion from the respective 5 branches of the US Armed Forces.

Dedication Ceremony

The memorial was dedicated on June 4, 2011. View photos and read about the dedication.

Future Improvements

Thanks to all who have contributed thus far. Due to our climate the material for the Memorial has cracked in several places. We are hoping to continue with the brick sales and donations to save up for new material. We will repurpose as much of the original Memorial as possible but use a base material that will withstand our varied climate and last for years to come.