The Township does not oversee the maintenance of the roads within the Township. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC). This includes but not limited to snow plowing, filling pot holes and other road repairs. Private roads are the responsibility of the property owner.

You can contact the Road Commission Citizen's Service Department at 248-858-4804 or visit their website

Road Commission for Oakland County publishes multiple brochures of interest to property owners on topics such as Special Assessments for Paving, a Guide to Road Funding, and plowing operations.

2023/2024 - Subdivision Road Repaving S.A.D. Township Contribution Plan

To encourage residents to pursue an SAD to fund their road improvement project, Waterford Township has established a limited Township fund to contribute towards these efforts.  These funds will be made available to each eligible project at the Township Board’s discretion until they are exhausted and/or the Board determines the funds are no longer needed.

***UPDATE: The Waterford Township Board of Trustees has committed $2 million in ARPA funding to assist with SAD projects for Waterford subdivision roadways. See website for further information and instructions on how to get started now!****

Visit for more information

Flyer Subdivision Road Repaving ARPA Contribution