Troubleshooting a Leak

When water flows through the meter, an arrow will appear in the upper right corner of the LCD Display. If you know there is not any water currently being used, check to see if this arrow is displayed. If the arrow is displayed, there is a water flowing somewhere in the home. In addition to the arrow showing water flow, our meters have a leak indicator icon that will appear in the upper left corner of the LCD Display. This icon looks like a dripping faucet and indicates that there is a possible leak. If the icon is flashing your meter is detecting intermittent (cycling) flow and if the icon is constantly on your meter is detecting continuous flow. 

We have found that the majority of the leaks originate with a toilet. In the back of the toilet is a black ball cock that allows water to come in and fill the tank. If this ball cock does not go all the way back up, the water does not completely stop coming in and it goes down the over-flow tube. As a result, you do not hear the toilet running and this can cause a considerable increase in your water bill.

Other sources of leaks include: dripping inside and outside faucets, broken water lines in a sprinkler system, hot water tanks, and broken water lines under a floor or crawl space.

If you suspect there is a leak and cannot find it, please make an appointment and our service personnel will come out to check the meter and your plumbing for leaks; however if they find a leak, they are not permitted to fix the leak. All service of the plumbing will need to be performed by a plumber. Appointments can be made by calling 248-674-2278. 

Leak Troubleshooting