Garden Club meetings

Develop your gardening knowledge and skills. Participation is a combination of informational presentations and hands-on experience. Janet Macunovich, master gardener and designer of our Children's Sensory Garden, serves as our 'crew chief" for the gardening work bees, a great learning experience. She also is a presenter at many meetings or, through her vast network of contacts, connects us with knowledgeable presenters on a variety of topics.

No cost to participate beyond your time and efforts and work bees in the gardens on Library grounds. Attendance is open to non-members too!

Upcoming Meeting

Wednesday, May 8,  2019



The Language of Flowers: Talking Bouquets

Presented by Judy Cornellier, Herbalist & Gardening Educator

"Did you know that every flower and every way of placing a blossom in an arrangement has a meaning, assigned to it in Victorian times and still used today? Here are fun things you can tell children -- and adults, too -- about the hidden messages in flowers, bouquets and even people's names. Everything from your garden to a vase full of cut flowers and even a Harry Potter movie will take on new meaning!"

Where: Library's Community Room

Meeting dates for 2019

Monthly on the second Wednesday. During the growing season (March through November) the meetings begin at 4:30p with a work bee in the Garden or on the grounds of the Library. Bring you gardening gear and enjoy tending to the Library's gardens and hands-on lessons from Janet Macunovich, Master Gardener. The second half of the meeting is time for networking and an informational seminar on a topic of interest. December through February meetings begin at 6:30p and consist of the networking and education elements. 

Seminar Topics 

  • June 12, 6:30p-8:00p - TBD
  • July 10, 6:30p-8:00p - TBD
  • August 14, 6:30p-8:00p - TBD
  • September 11, 6:30p-8:00p - TBD
  • October 9, 6:30p-8:00p - TBD
  • November 13, 6:30p-8:00p - TBD
  • December 2019 - No meeting. Happy Holidays

2017 Children's Craft Programs

  • Making Bird Feeders for the Garden

  • Nature during winter can make it hard for animals to find food. Several kids joined us on Sunday, February 12th to make bird feeders - one for the birds in the Library's garden and one to take home for your the birds in their yard.
  • Making Scarecrows for the Garden

    Scarecrows have a long history in our gardens. We had a lot of fun learning about this and making a scarecrow for our gardens at home. 
Events sponsored by the Library Garden Club