Circulation Loan Policy

Loan Periods
Item Type Loan Period Check-Out Fee Renewals
Fiction and Nonfiction Materials 3 weeks None 2
Juvenile Big Books 3 weeks None 2
Back Issue Magazines 3 weeks None 2
New Large Print 3 weeks None 2
Music CDs 3 weeks None 2
MeLCat Fiction and Nonfiction 3 weeks None 1
New Fiction and Nonfiction Materials 2 weeks None 2
Juvenile Holiday Books 1 week None 2
GED and ASVAB Books 1 week $20 cash deposit 2
DVDs and Juvenile VHS Tapes 1 week None 2
MeLCat DVDs, VHS Tapes and Music CDs 1 week None None
Rental Books
4 days $1 per item None
Rental DVDs 4 days $1 per item None
Reference Materials Non-circulating None None
Current Issue Magazines Non-circulating None None
Microfilm Non-circulating None None
Inter-Loaned Material
Loan periods on materials inter-loaned from shared system libraries may vary depending on the circulation rules of the owning library.  Some inter-loaned materials may not be renewable.  No item may be renewed if it has a hold on it.

Holiday Circulations
Juvenile holiday books circulate for 3 weeks during the off season and up to 1 month before the holiday. Please check out with a clerk at the circulation desk and request a 3 week loan period for these items. Holiday books checked out at the Express Checkouts will automatically be given a due date of 1 week from the checkout date.

Borrowing Guidelines
Due to the limited size of our collections, library borrowers may check out materials subject to the following guidelines per registered borrower:
  • 3 non-fiction books on the same subject
  • 3 "Holiday Books" from each of the sections (picture books, chapter books, non-fiction) for a total of 9 books 4 weeks before the holiday
Overdue Fees
  • Non-rental, Waterford-owned materials- $0.10 per day
  • Rental books and DVDs- $0.25 per day
  • MeLCat materials- $0.25 per day
  • Maximum overdue fines - $10 per item, except paperbacks which are $4 each.
  • Fees on materials inter-loaned from other shared system libraries may vary.