Community Planning & Zoning Division

Mission Statement

The Community Planning and Development Department mission is to plan for and coordinate growth, redevelopment, economic development, and wise and effective use of Waterford Township's natural and human resources to create a strong, safe, and pleasant community in which to live, work, and relax.

Main Department Functions

Pre-Application/Conceptual Review Meetings

We are pleased to offer Pre-Application/Conceptual Review meetings to help address any questions you may have and to assist in streamlining the application process. Please review the Pre-Application/Conceptual review document and email Justin Daymon, Zoning Administrator, including all information indicated in the review document.

Staff Services

Provides staff services for the following Boards:

Lot Split Process

Assists the Assessing Department with the lot split process.

Rental/Mortgage Subsistence Payment Programs

All funds have been exhausted and this program is now closed.