Treasurer's Office

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Collection and distribution of property taxes
  • Administration of tax bills
  • Investment of Township funds
  • Reconciliation of all township bank accounts
  • Management of payroll and employee benefits department
  • Administration of employee pension systems
  • Administration of Retiree Health Care Board
  • Administration of Defined Contribution Retirement System
  • Billing and collection of special assessments
  • Collection of dog license fees for Oakland County Animal Control
Property Tax Collection & Distribution
The Township Treasurer collects and distributes your property tax bill for the following entities:
  • County of Oakland
  • Lake Improvement Boards
  • Oakland Community College
  • Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner (Drain Office)
  • Oakland Schools
  • School Districts of Waterford, Clarkston, and Pontiac
  • State of Michigan
  • Waterford Township General Fund, Police, Fire, Library, Police & Fire Bond and Special Assessments
For more information, visit the Property Tax page.

Tax Bills

Tax bills are mailed out twice a year. If you have a mortgage and your taxes are paid by your mortgage company, a copy of your tax bill can be obtained on Tax Search Information page.

Those who pay their taxes and are not paid by a mortgage company will still receive a tax bill.

Board of Trustees

The Treasurer also serves on and is a member of the Township Board of Trustees.