Public Internet Computers

**Please check Phase 3 Library Re-opening Plan for current information about Public Internet Computer use at the library. - 9/17/2020**

The library has Public Internet Computers in the Children’s and Adult Departments. There is no charge to use these computers. Users should be aware of and comply with the library’s Internet Access Policy.

The Public Internet Computers are available Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 8:45 pm, Saturday 10:00 am - 4:45 pm, and Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:45 pm.

Logging in

Computer users can log in to any available Public Internet Computer by scanning a library card barcode or manually entering a library card number. Library staff can look up library card numbers with proper photo ID. A PIN is also required to log in. Library staff can reset PINs if necessary. Residents of Waterford and Lake Angelus can get a library card at the circulation desk.  Library cards from other TLN member libraries can be be used. Patrons are expected to use only their own library card number.

Guest passes

Non-Waterford residents who don’t have a library card from a TLN member library can be issued guest passes. Guest passes are issued to adults only and ID is required. Minors who are not eligible for library cards must be accompanied by their parent or guardian to whom a guest pass has been issued in order to use a workstation. Patrons are expected to use only their own guest pass.

Session length

The session length for the Public Internet Computers is 1 hour.  10 minutes prior to the end time, a message will alert the user that the session is ending soon. When computer availability allows, sessions are automatically extended 5 minutes before the session ends up until 1 hour before the computers shut down. Librarians can also extend sessions by request. 

Reservation Station

If all computers are in use, the reservation station can be used to reserve the next available computer. After reserving a computer, a receipt will be printed with the next available computer’s number and the time it will be available.

Reserving a computer 

Reservations can be made for future days and times. Users can do this remotely, from the Public Internet Computers, or librarians can make reservations in person at the reference desks or over the phone. 


Printing is available for computer users. 5 free printouts are allotted to computer users on a daily basis. After the daily allotment is used, printouts are $.25 each for color or black & white printouts. Because the public printers are shared by other users, patrons may not print on their own paper or label sheets. Public printers are located in the Microforms room in the Adult Department, the Children’s Department, and the Circulation Lobby.

Microsoft Office products

In addition to the Internet, computer users can access Microsoft Office products - Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint - on the Public Internet Computers. 

Database Computers

The library has 4 Database computers in the Microforms room in the Adult Department that can be used for 2-hour blocks. These computers connect only to online databases and Microsoft Office products. Session lengths for these computers can be extended in the same manner as the Public Internet Computers.  

15-minute Public Access Computers

2 15-minute computers are available for short-term Internet use. 

Children’s Department Computers

The Children’s Department has Public Internet Computers with the same features, policies, and procedures as those in the Adult Department. In addition, they also have workstations with educational games. Library cards are not required for the computers with the educational games.