Severe Weather Alerts/OakAlert

As a cooperative venture between the National Weather Service and Oakland County Homeland Security Division, the Oakland County Early Weather Warning Program is designed to provide timely notification of severe weather conditions to persons and agencies. The goal of the program is to reduce personal injuries and property damage as a result of severe weather.

For more information, please visit the Oakland County Homeland Security website

2023 Severe Weather Siren Testing Dates

2023 Siren Schedule

OakAlert - Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency, it is critically important for you to be prepared and for you to be informed. Oakland County is taking a proactive approach to enabling its citizens to be more aware of emergency situations that may impact individuals and businesses in Oakland County, by implementing the Oakland County Emergency Notification System (OakAlert).  OakAlert is an emergency notification system enabling and empowering interested parties to be aware of extreme incidents in Oakland County.  Sign up on the Oakland County website.