Special Approval

Certain land uses in each zoning district are considered special approval uses and require the approval of the Planning Commission as determined by the requirements of Zoning Ordinance Section 2525 and are required to go through the Special Approval Use Process. Applications can either be picked up from the Community Planning and Development Department. Because of the complex nature of this process, it is advisable to contact the Departmental Aide to schedule a pre-application conference with a planner to discuss your project’s requirements.

Submission Documents

All submittals must include the following:

  • Application Form completed in its entirety, signed by all persons with ownership interest in the subject property, and notarized.
  • Legal Description of the subject property.
  • 15 copies of the Site Plan, Landscape Plan, and Tree Survey prepared in accordance with the requirements of Sections 2525 and 2529.
  • Appropriate Fee as determined by the Fee Schedule (PDF).

Special Approval Resources