Memorial Bricks & Donations

We are currently selling memorial bricks for the Veterans Memorial.
A 4 X 8 brick is $50.00 and an 8 X 8 brick is $75.00.
They will be placed down the walkway. Anyone can purchase a brick. The 8 X 8 bricks can have the Military branch seal on it at no extra charge as long as you keep the text down to 4 lines.
Bricks are ordered every month but installation is only done during warm climate months. Download a Brick order form (PDF) or call 248-618-7437 for more information.
A brick displaying Leon Griffin U.S. Army PFC 1943 - 1946

Other Improvements

Memorial giving opportunities are still available if you would like to join in. There is no longer a committee on this project. It has been given to the Waterford Cemeteries to care and maintain. We have noticed many cracks in the granite walls of the Memorial that will need replaced. We would like to use a more durable material for the Michigan climate. We intend to repurpose as much of the original Memorial as we can.

Please contact us with any questions at 248-618-7437.