Probation Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The Probation Department is responsible for the screening, assessment, and supervision of individuals considered for and/or placed on a term of probation.

Purpose of Probation

Probation is a privilege, not a right. It provides offenders with the opportunity to avoid incarceration providing they follow the stipulations of their probation sentence.


Each of the probation officers at the 51st District Court has earned her certification as Criminal Justice Professional through the State of Michigan, and is well versed in substance abuse, addiction, and mental health.

Sobriety Court Program

In February 2001, the 51st District Court implemented its Sobriety Court Program which requires all offenders convicted of operating under the influence and other offense types to undergo a biopsychosocial assessment to determine their individual level of addiction and probationary needs.

The program is aimed at holding offenders accountable and reducing the incidence of impaired driving and substance related crimes by promoting recovery by linking participants to community resources that foster pro-social development and personal growth. The program accepts transfer cases from jurisdictions that do not have a treatment court program. 

For more information about the Sobriety Court, view the Sobriety Court Handbook .

Veterans Treatment Court

In July 2013, the 51st District Court held its first Veterans Treatment Court session. This specialized, intensive program serves the needs of our veterans, regardless of the type of offense. The program accepts transfer cases from surrounding communities.

The program promotes public safety while supporting our great nation’s veterans and their families through a coordinated effort among veterans' services, community services, and the Court to provide strength through support. Moreover, our veteran treatment program seeks to address mental health and/or substance abuse issues of both non-combat and combat veterans all while striving to ensure that our veterans do not languish in our prison/jail system without opportunity for treatment.

For more information about the program, please view the Veterans Court Treatment Court Handbook (PDF)



Making a Difference in Waterford, MI: Criminal Justice Reform in Action


51st News Release Problem-Solving Courts

Celebrating May as National Drug Court Month, the 51st District Court continues to work hard to make a difference in Waterford and neighboring communities.  Joined by over 2,900 other treatment court programs nationwide, the 51st District Court’s Sobriety Court and Veterans Treatment Court programs remain committed to helping addicted and mentally ill offenders avoid jail, engage in life-saving treatment, find the chance to repair their lives, and travel the road to long-term recovery.  Treatment courts are now considered the foundation of criminal justice reform and the most effective strategy to reduce substance abuse, crime and recidivism while saving taxpayers money.

Drug courts return $27 to the community for every $1 spent on the program.  An estimated $3.19 is saved for every $1 invested in Driving While Impaired courts, specifically.  The Sobriety Court program at the 51st District Court has been in operation since February 14th, 2001, thus saving the community an incredible amount of money in the 22+ years it has been in existence.  The idea that it is more effective to hold offenders accountable and keep them engaged in treatment long enough to be successful has reversed the past trend of increasing recidivism.

Waterford Township’s Sobriety and Veterans Court programs not only service individuals who offend in our community, but we accept transfer cases from neighboring communities, as well, who either do not have treatment court programs in place, or whose defendants are not eligible for those programs.  Our Veterans Court began accepting transfer cases shortly after its inception on July 31st, 2013.

The numbers do not lie; treatment courts are making a difference.  More than 1.4 million Americans have successfully graduated from a treatment court program, and 150,000 are served by treatment courts annually.  Recidivism rates for participants who successfully complete these programs are drastically reduced, which illustrates that treatment courts assist offenders in making the necessary changes to stay out of the system for good, a feat many never thought possible.  These innovative, evidence-based treatment programs prove that treatment is far more effective than punishment.  The time has come to reap the economic and societal benefits of expanding this proven budget solution to all those in need.


Transfer Cases

To refer an individual, please complete the referral form below and submit the completed form and requested documents to probation via fax.
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