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1. What do I do if I miss a PBT, drug test, or ETG?
2. What do I do if I lost my PBT logs?
3. I lost my Alcoholics Anonymous/Support Group logs. What do I do?
4. I moved or changed my phone number. What should I do?
5. I lost my next probation appointment slip. What do I do?
6. I report to probation once a month and missed my probation appointment. What do I do?
7. I report for Sobriety Court or Veterans Treatment Court reviews and I missed a probation appointment. What do I do?
8. How do I turn myself in on a bench warrant?
9. What should I bring to my probation appointments?
10. I am having trouble making my assigned monthly payment. What do I do?
11. I missed a WAM day. What should I do?
12. I lost the referrals I was given in Court. What do I do?