Subdivision Street Paving Special Assessment District


Funding Contribution from Waterford Township

To encourage residents to pursue a SAD to fund their road improvement project, Waterford Township has established a limited Township fund to contribute towards these efforts.  These funds will be made available to each eligible project at the Township Board’s discretion until they are exhausted and/or the Board determines the funds are no longer needed.

***UPDATE: The Waterford Township Board of Trustees has committed $2 million in ARPA funding to assist with SAD projects for Waterford subdivision roadways. See below for further information and instructions on how to get started now!****

The Waterford Township Board of Trustees approved a process by which the Township can consider requests from property owners to participate in an SAD to help lower the cost to the property owners. Under Public Act 246 of 1931, the Waterford Township Board of Trustees may consider an assessment-at-large for a specific subdivision road improvement project not to exceed 10% of the final cost of the project as determined by the RCOC.

Resolution Establishing a Procedure to Consider Potential Participation in a Road Commission SAD (PDF)


Residents who wish to apply for Township funding contribution to their SAD road improvement project should first reach out to RCOC to begin the process. Upon successful collection of signatures on a petition of interest from the Road Commission, and receipt of preliminary construction plans and cost estimates from the Road Commission, residents may request funding from the Township based on the process outlined in the above PDF.

To request Township funding, please submit 
1) request form
2) letter of interest
3) copy of signatures collected on the expression of interest form
4) preliminary construction plans and cost estimates provided by RCOC

Waterford Township Subdivision Street Special Assessment District Township Funding Participation Request Forms must include:
Letter of Interest
Preliminary construction plans and cost estimates provided by the Road Commission for Oakland County. This document is accompanied by the notification you receive for the administrative meeting.

Step-by-Step RCOC Special Assessment District (SAD) Paving Process Infographic (PDF)
SAD Paving Program Brochure RCOC (PDF)
Request Form - Subdivision SAD Township Funding Participation Request Form (PDF)
Sample Letter of Interest (PDF)

Flyer Subdivision Road Repaving ARPA Contribution


Waterford Township recognizes that roads are an important concern to the general public and to the local economy. The information provided below is information about your local Waterford Township roads.

What is a road improvement or road repair?
A road improvement is a major road refurbishment such as repaving or conversion of gravel roads. Road repair, on the other hand, is regular maintenance of road defects such as pothole filler, gravel road grading, crack sealer, shoulder work, etc.

Road repair
If your public road needs pothole repair, crack repair, plowing, or re-grading; contact the Road Commission for Oakland County by phone 248-858-4804 or by reporting an issue online at

Why does the township not repave my road? 
The Township does not own the roads nor does it receive any dedicated tax money for road repairs and improvements. In fact, very few townships in Michigan own any roads. A majority of the roads including subdivision roads, by state law, fall under the ownership and jurisdiction of the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC).  The RCOC receives a percentage of fuel tax and registration fee money collected by the State of Michigan to maintain and improve these roads. However, the RCOC’s allocation has resulted in very limited funds to maintain and improve the entire 2,700-mile road system it has jurisdiction of throughout Oakland County.

How can I get my road improved?
For local and subdivision roads under the jurisdiction of the RCOC, record owners can petition the RCOC to create a Special Assessment District (SAD) to fund a road improvement. The process is initiated by property owners securing support through the circulation of a petition to abutting property owners on the road they wish to have improved. For detailed information regarding this process, please visit the RCOC website dedicated to this topic at:

The RCOC has created two documents and a video that provide reference to some of the most commonly asked questions about SADS:
Step-by-Step RCOC Special Assessment District (SAD) Paving Process Infographic PDF
SAD Paving Program Brochure PDF

RCOC Video about the subdivision paving SAD process

SAD Brochure

SAD Brochure front panel

Step-By-Step SAD Process

SAD process chart

SAD Video

RCOC Video Opening Screen