Make a Difference

Every year, hundreds of volunteers come to our township's parks, recreation center and offices to give back to the community with their incredibly talented abilities. Volunteers from all different ages, and different backgrounds come together to enhance the importance of volunteer services supporting a variety of excellent programs and special events.


Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals or groups such as schools, company engagements, and clubs. Some of our volunteers are students at high school and colleges seeking to fulfill a community service requirement. Our incredible staff are more than willing to verify your hours. Who knows? Perhaps after your requirements have been met, you'll find you would like to continue volunteering for your community.
A group of volunteers cutting fruit
Complete a Volunteer Form (PDF) and return it to us, and we will contact you with upcoming volunteer opportunities. A background check is required for all of our volunteers working with youth or special populations.
Benefits of Volunteering:
  • Build a record of community service
  • Discover a new talent
  • Establish a job reference
  • Gain work experience
  • Have fun!
  • Help others in need
  • Inspire others
  • Learn new skills
  • Make new friends
Volunteerism can help your group:
  • Build a record of community service
  • Build leadership
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Fulfill a school or club credit
  • Fulfill a service learning requirement
  • Improve morale

2 volunteers making pancakes
Marshmallow Drop Bags 2015

Offer a program with us!

Download the Independent Contractor Information Packet and submit it to our office.