Community Garden

About the Project

The Citizens Farm Project seeks to educate our residents and encourage healthy local organic growing with little or none of the carbon emissions commercial farming can produce.  As a citizen farmer, participants will be renting 10 foot by 10 foot plots of land within the Hess-Hathaway Park located at 825 South Williams Lake Road. Participants may rent as many plots as space allows.  All efforts will be made for citizen farmers to retain plots from year to year, if desired.

Sign Up

A one-time, $10, lifetime membership fee and annual $20 plot fee for Waterford Residents, $35 plot fee for White Lake Residents, will be charged payable to Waterford Parks and Recreation and subject to review yearly. Returning citizen farmers will have until March 16th to reserve their plot from the previous year. All fees are for the benefit of the Waterford Parks and Recreation Department and Hess-Hathaway Park. Upon payment citizen farmers will have access to leased plots.  Upon expiration or termination of Citizen Farmer’s participation in program; any keys, program identification badges, etc. shall be returned to Hess-Hathaway Park/Waterford Parks and Recreation.

More Information

To learn more about the project, please view the Rules and Policies and Brochure.
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