When is a building permit required?

All new construction and any structural modifications made to an existing structure require a building permit. A permit is also required for any accessory structure over 200 square feet, and in all cases the accessory structure must meet all Zoning Ordinance requirements and setbacks. Also, a permit is required for any electrical, plumbing, or heating work. 

All work for which a permit is required must be inspected and approved by Waterford Township Inspectors.

Re-shingling a roof, replacing windows, or vinyl siding are considered maintenance and do not require a permit. 

Any deck that is built on posts requires a permit but any poured patio or deck platform sitting on the ground does not require a permit. 

Fences do not require permits, but all Zoning Ordinance requirements must be met. 

Click here to view the Waterford Township Zoning Ordinance guide in Section 3-302 for Fencing details.

For further details please contact our office, 248-674-6238.

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