When should I call 911?
Waterford Township has a 911 system that is designed to link callers to a professional team of Dispatchers trained to handle police, fire, and medical emergencies as quickly as possible. Examples of such situations are: a crime in progress, a fire, and/or a medical emergency. Examples of situations when 911 should not be called are: an auto accident where there are no injuries, a crime was committed but the offender is gone, requesting information about bonfire permits, or medical situations not requiring an ambulance.

Waterford Township's 911 system has an automatic location identification system. This allows the Dispatchers receiving the 911 call to identify the address and the telephone number of the caller. If the caller is unable to speak, police will be dispatched to the caller's location to help with the unknown emergency.

When using a cell phone to call 911, the caller's location and phone number are not available to the Dispatcher. Please remain calm. The Dispatcher will have to ask the questions necessary in order to send the right emergency personnel and equipment.

When using a pay phone money is not needed to call 911. Please do not program 911 into your speed dial. This causes accidental calls to 911, for example when the battery is low on cordless phones. It also causes more accidental calls to 911 due to user error. These innocent errors tie up a 911 Dispatcher and often causes police to be sent to locations where they are not needed.

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