What activities does Waterford Township currently undertake?

Waterford Township currently funds three eligible activities including (1)
Housing rehabilitation – we assist low-income Waterford Township homeowners improve the quality of their homes via our Urgent Needs Home Repair Program.  It was determined in our Consolidated Plan the upgrading of these homes and neighborhoods is important in keeping Waterford a desirable place to live and work.  (2) Code enforcement - One of the cited goals in our Consolidated Plan is to increase the viability and aesthetic quality of neighborhoods and areas where the residents are primarily low and moderate income persons.  To help accomplish this goal, CDBG monies are utilized to fund a portion of clerical and administrative costs necessary to oversee the Township’s code enforcement functions within Waterford's CDBG Target Areas, and (3)
Program Administration - Funds are directed towards the general administration of the CDBG Program.  This includes necessary supplies, services, training, capital expenses, and the wages and fringe benefits for the percentage of time spent by staff in administering the overall CDBG Program.  This activity cannot exceed 20% of the total grant.

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1. What is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)?
2. How much CDBG funding does Waterford Township receive every year?
3. What can CDBG funds be used for?
4. Who decides what activities are funded?
5. What activities does Waterford Township currently undertake?
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8. Who qualifies for the Township’s Urgent Needs Home Repair program?
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10. What kind of repairs qualify through the program?
11. What type of repairs are NOT eligible?
12. How is funding provided to qualified applicants?
13. How and when is the loan repaid?
14. What happens to the repaid loan money?
15. How does a homeowner apply?
16. What happens after an application is submitted?
17. How does the program staff provide assistance throughout the program process?
18. Who are the program approved contractors?
19. How many contractors are currently on the list?