How much CDBG funding does Waterford Township receive every year?

The Township’s annual grant is based on a formula established by Congress and this amount may change based on the total Congressional appropriation given to HUD for a given year.  The funding amount is further impacted by the number of new “entitlements”.  As more communities are authorized to receive funding, everyone’s slice of the funding pie decreases.  Due to these factors and the recent economic downturn, our CDBG budget has suffered the last several years.

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1. What is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)?
2. How much CDBG funding does Waterford Township receive every year?
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8. Who qualifies for the Township’s Urgent Needs Home Repair program?
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10. What kind of repairs qualify through the program?
11. What type of repairs are NOT eligible?
12. How is funding provided to qualified applicants?
13. How and when is the loan repaid?
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15. How does a homeowner apply?
16. What happens after an application is submitted?
17. How does the program staff provide assistance throughout the program process?
18. Who are the program approved contractors?
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