Why isn't the Township allowing other cable companies to offer service in the Township?
Currently, the Township only has two franchise agreements in place - Comcast and AT&T. As federal legislation states, no community is allowed a legal monopoly. AT&T's agreement was filed in 2007, bringing a welcomed addition to the Township's options when it came to cable television service. Waterford Township has no jurisdiction over satellite providers, internet providers or telephone services.

The Township continues to approach other cable providers to inquire if they would be interested in coming into Waterford. Most recently, the Cable Commission approached Wide Open West (WOW). The response from the Senior VP was as follows:

"Several factors heavily influence the selection of our next community including it’s proximity to our existing system, the density of homes within the area, construction type (aerial vs. underground) and local business and tax incentives just to name a few. In terms of expansion, we have clearly defined expansion plans for the next 18 months and Waterford Township is not included."

Waterford Township does not prohibit other cable providers from offering service within the community. In fact, the Township encourages it. However, as stated above by WOW, the decision is not the Township's alone. Residents of Waterford may contact other cable providers to request service in the area; the more that do, the more inclined cable providers will be to consider Waterford Township as their next place of business.

If you have issues with Comcast or AT&T, please use the numbers below to reach them.

Contact Numbers:
- Comcast - 877-842-6622
- AT&T - 800-288-2020

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