Public Works


5240 Civic Center Drive
Waterford, MI 48329



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Option 1: Water/Sewer Billing Department
Option 2: Water/Sewer General Office
Option 3: Water Quality Questions and Concerns
Option 4: Facilities/Operations and Cemeteries
Option 5: Enter Direct Staff Extension

Name Title Email Phone
Westlake, Justin DPW Director 248-618-7462
McGrady, Scott DPW Superintendent 248-674-6248
VanDam, Derek DPW Superintendent 248-618-7456
Diederich, Derek Administrative Superintendent 248-618-7465
Fisher, Frank DPW Engineering Superintendent 248-618-7469
Goetze, Kristin DPW Engineer 248-618-7451
Mohr, Jeff Electrician Foreman 248-674-2278, ext. 7479
Dillard, Andrew Sewer Division Foreman 248-618-7482
Gill, Allen Distribution Foreman 248-618-7482
Smith, Dave Water Service Foreman 248-618-7460
Ward, Jerry Pumping and Water Treatment Foreman 248-674-2278, ext. 7483
Krupic, Heather DPW Department Aide 248-674-2278, ext. 7408
Bellehumeur, Mary Cemeteries Administrative Specialist 248-674-2278, ext. 7437