CURRENT NEWS FLASH - March 27,2020
By this time, all single residential homes in Waterford should have received GFL trash and recycling carts for the new curbside collection service beginning the week of March 30, 2020.
If you have not received your initial delivery of a trash cart, please notify GFL at 248-204-6762.

Cart requests & exchanges
Please call GFL directly for all cart exchange requests or delivery errors 248-204-6762 or 844-464-3587
- Received a different sized cart than the one you requested
- Received a recycling cart, but wish to opt out of recycling
- Would like to select a different sized trash or recycling cart

Both trash and recycling carts are available in 95-gallon and 65-gallon sizes.

The trash carts are blue with a blue lid and should only contain waste meant for landfills.

The recycling carts are blue with a tan lid and should only contain clean recyclable materials meant to be recycled by GFL at a materials recovery facility.

Yard Waste Collection
GFL will collect unlimited yard waste from Waterford customers beginning the week of April 6, 2020 through December 11, 2020 on your regularly scheduled collection day.
Yard waste may be placed in leaf and lawn bags, or metal or plastic receptacles 32 gallons or less and 50 pounds of less marked as yard waste or compost.

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