Community Center

In April 2017, the Waterford Township Board of Trustees held a Town Hall forum to share information and receive input from the community regarding the possibility of building a community center.  The video for this meeting can be viewed on-demand at the Township's PEG channel website.


The following message accompanied a survey that was mailed with the Summer 2017 tax bill and posted online. Results are being tallied.

Dear Resident,

Waterford Township will be paying off a Building Bond in 2017 that funded the construction of the Police and Fire Department Buildings. In 2018, Waterford residents will be given an opportunity to approve the issuance of a bond to construct a new Community Center which would not increase property taxes. Residents would continue paying the same amount, or less, on their tax bill if the new bond is approved as they have been paying on their past tax bills for the existing bond.

This survey will provide information on how our residents use the existing Waterford Recreation Center and how we can improve the facilities to satisfy our residents’ needs if we build a new Community Center.
Facts about Waterford's Recreation Center

  • Built in 1947
  • Township purchased in 2002
  • 5,000 visits per week
  • Over 275 Programs and Activities
  • Gathering spot for residents of all ages
  • Electrical system in poor condition, needs to be replaced
  • HVAC system needs to be replaced
  • Elevator should be replaced
  • Needs new windows and roof
  • Foundation is compromised
  • Minimally ADA compliant
  • Inefficient layout for current usage
  • 45% of all money budgeted for capital repairs was spent on the Recreation Center

Advisory Board

Volunteers are needed to serve on an advisory board. Applications can be found here.

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