My Library Account

By Internet
  • You can renew your items and review your account here.
  • You will need both your library card number and your PIN. Your PIN number was assigned when you were issued your card.  Library cards issues prior to April 2007 were assigned a default PIN of "changeme," while cards issues after April 2007 were assigned the default PIN of 1234.  If you are unsure of your PIN, please contact the library at 248-674-4831 and press 2 to speak with a member of our Circulation Department.
  • Enter your library card number and PIN in the fields displayed and then select "Log In."
  • Click on "Checkouts."
  • The display will show a list of items currently checked out, their due dates, and give an option to renew items.
  • Select each individual item you wish to renew and then click the "Renew" button.
  • Renewals will not take place for items at their renewal limit or items that have been requested by other patrons.
By Phone
Requires library card number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and a touch tone phone:
  • Dial Toll Free, 1-888-672-8983.
  • Enter library card number.
  • Enter PIN number.
  • Follow the prompts:
    • Press 1 to renew materials.
    • Press 2 to list available holds ready for pickup.
    • Press 3 to list materials checked out.
    • Press 4 to list overdue materials.
    • Press 5 for information concerning fines.
    • Press 6 to change your pin.
    • Press 8 to repeat this menu.
    • Press 9 to exit.