About the Department

The role of the Assessing Department is the valuation of the 33,092 parcels located in the Township of Waterford. According to the Michigan General Property Tax Laws, P.A. 206 of 1983 as amended, we must discover and value all parcels, both real and personal, which are not exempted by law. This site contains information on:

  • Determining a property’s value
  • Appealing value at the March Board of Review
  • The name of registered owner of property at a particular address (The owner may be an individual or a business)
  • A property’s description, assessed value, and taxable value
  • Charter Township of Waterford Plat Book, which contains maps of Township parcels (The maps give the location of property designated by specific parcel numbers and a diagram of property configuration)

Any taxpayer inquiries submitted to the Assessing Department will be responded to within seven business days. To arrange an in-person meeting with an assessor you may contact the office at 248-674-6270. To acquire or review records maintained by the Assessing Department such as record cards, valuation reports and property sketches please visit the department and copies will be provided for a fee. Any taxpayer seeking to appeal the valuation of their property may contact the Assessing Department after receiving their Assessment Change Notice in February prior to the March Board of Review each year.

For digital sketches, go to the Property Gateway through Oakland County.

For non-digital sketches please come into the office during office hours to obtain a copy of the sketch for a fee.

New Residential Developments

Field Review 

The Assessor is required to appraise, for tax purposes, all real and personal property within the Township. Michigan Statute requires that all property be evaluated annually based on current market conditions. This requires an inspection of each property in the Township.

Representatives of the Waterford Township Assessing Department will be conducting a review of properties. This review will include checking the exterior measurements of all buildings and property improvements and taking current digital photographs.

The purpose of this review is to be certain that Waterford Township’s information regarding your property is complete and accurate. Our department follows the State of Michigan’s recommendation that 20% of a governmental unit be reviewed each year.

Special Assessment Questions

Types of Questions
Department or Office
Email Address
Road Assessments
Oakland County Treasurer's Office
Sewer Assessments
Waterford Department of Public Works
Street Lighting Assessment
Waterford Treasurer's Office
Transfer Penalties
Waterford Assessing Department (Questions will be emailed to the appropriate Assessing Clerk)

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