Features of the New Police Station
The 58,000 square foot police station project was completed the fall of 2001. The new station's lower level provides holding cells for arrested individuals, a firing range, the dispatch center and has 4 garages. One garage is used for storage and also houses the department's motorcycles and bicycles.
Police Headquarters Nearing Completion
One garage is used by the forensics team. The remaining 2 garages lead to the holding cells in the lower level. This allows officers to transport those in custody directly to their cells while remaining inside the station with increased security. From the lower level, an enclosed passage way links the station to the nearby 51st District Court building. This adds another level of security for officers transporting prisoners to the court for hearings.

Upper Level
The upper level has 2 large training rooms. The largest will accommodate 40 people and will be used to train our officers and officers from other communities. It will also be available for use by other Township offices. The smaller training room will be used for small group instructions, such as defensive tactics. In addition to lockers, there is an exercise room for employee use. The upper level also houses all of the standard offices, like the Records Bureau, the Detective Bureau, and Administrative offices.

Atrium Meeting Area
One unique design feature is an atrium meeting area. This is the area where staff will go to pick up their mail and be able to mingle in this area throughout the day. The atrium will facilitate and encourage the various bureaus/divisions in the department to discuss cases and share information.

Outside, in the back parking lot, the patrol vehicles will be kept in new carports. In bad weather, this will allow the officers a speedier departure because they won't have to scrape snow or ice off of a vehicle before responding to an emergency.

The building was featured in the January, 2002 issue of CAM Magazine (PDF), the trade journal for the Construction Association of Michigan.