Clerk's Office

Township Clerk Duties of Office

As a full-time employee, the Clerk:

  • Acts as custodian for all records, books, and papers of the Township
  • Files and retains all certificates of oaths
  • Handles record keeping of all accounts receivable/accounts payable and annual audit of the Township
  • Provides notice of all Boards and Commissions meetings
  • Publishes agendas and minutes of Township Board meetings
  • Administers voter registration and all elections conducted within the Township

For More Information

The Clerk’s Office looks forward to serving you and providing more information and services in the future. Please let me know how we may better serve you. Contact the Clerk at 248-674-6266.

Waterford Township Beautification Award


Please submit the entry form and before picture (optional) by July 30, 2021.  All pictures will become the property of Waterford Township and may be used in future publications. There will be ten winners, and each winner will have a sign placed on their property acknowledging they are a winner.  Signs will be placed from August 28  - September 11, 2021.  The contest recognizes residents and business owners who take special pride in improving their homes and businesses.

Download Entry Form (PDF)

This entry form and before picture can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Email this entry form including pictures to
  • Mail to:  Waterford Township Clerk, 5200 Civic Center Dr., Waterford, MI  48329
  • If you have questions, please call Kim Markee on 248-674-6211.