Master Plan Update 2024

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Waterford Township in conjunction with community planning and design firm Houseal Lavigne, has drafted a new 20-year Master Plan. 

A Master Plan serves as the official long-term policy guide for the land use, improvement, development, redevelopment, and preservation within a Township. It functions as a roadmap for the Township to direct future growth and development over the next 20 years. Prior to this plan, the Township’s most recent Master Plan was adopted in 2003 and has reached the end of its 20-year functionality. The Master Plan contains policies, goals, and objectives that ensure the collective needs and desires of the community guide the Township’s future development and improvement through appropriate zoning and regulations.

The process of drafting a plan has been accomplished through the cooperation and dedicated effort of residents, Township staff, public officials, partner agencies, developers, property owners, and the local business community.

Once adopted, this Plan’s goals, recommendations, and actions will be consulted regularly by Township staff, boards, and commissions while reviewing all proposals for new development and planning-related initiatives. This includes directing agencies and service providers to use the Plan as new facilities, infrastructure, environmental initiatives, and programming are considered for investment.

Click HERE to review the Draft Master Plan!

Feedback on this Plan from the community is requested. Comments or questions can be emailed to Jeff Polkowski, Director of Development Services. Please title your email with “Master Plan Review – Your Name” to ensure it is received. Due to anticipated high volumes of interest, responses to questions could be delayed. We anticipate responding to questions within three to five business days.

With thoughtful implementation and unwavering commitment, this Master Plan will lay the groundwork for a bright future for Waterford Township, ensuring its continued prosperity and vibrancy over the coming decades. This Master Plan charts a course toward a sustainable, equitable, and resilient Waterford Township – a community that embraces innovation while honoring its unique character.