Fun in the Sun Outdoor Programs

In addition to Outdoor Storytimes, we have programs for older kids who like more challenging tasks.  There programs will be held under our big outdoor tent.  Dates and exact times to be determined, and may reschedule in case of inclement weather.

Tie Dye T-Shirt

Tie Dye Shirts

Create a tie-dye space shirt.  Bring your own clean, prewashed white or light colored t-shirt.  Be sure to wear old clothes.

Paint a Seascape

Students will paint a seascape on a cardboard canvas with water-based paint.  Aprons provided, but we recommended you wear old clothes.

Mermaid Reading
teen bodysurfing holding an ebook

Water Experiments

Can you make a boat that will float?  Can you make raisins dance in water? Will an orange sink or swim?  Come and find out.

Beach Kites

Create a paper sled kite, perfect for sailing at the beach.

Sled Kite