Take-and-Make Activities

This summer’s program theme is “Tails and Tales”  Each week, we will showcase a different continent by sharing “tales” from that land during our Tales of Tails Storytime, and providing a weekly craft bag with variety of animal and cultural crafts.  Demonstrations of the weekly craft projects will be featured on Craft Corner the Saturday beforehand.  Stop by during our open hours to pick up your take and make at home craft bag.  We can also arrange for contactless pick-up of materials.  The weekly themes are:

North America

June 14-19: North America
Crafts: bear, paper flowers, dream catcher, totem pole, and landscape painting
Animals: grizzly bear, bison, wolf, cougar, eagle, and moose

South America

June 21-26: South America
Crafts: parrot, snake, and a rain stick
Animals: jaguar, parrot, tree frog, sloth, and llama


June 28-July 3: Europe
Crafts: Venetian masks, stained "glass" window, and garden pot
Animals: lynx, reindeer, red fox, sheep, and goats

duck on a tractor reading a book

July 6-10: Pets and Farm Animals
Crafts: sheep, puppy, cat, and pom-pom animals
Animals: dogs, cat, horse, cow, and turkey


July 12-17: Africa
Crafts: Kente cloth pattern weaving, beaded lion necklace, sunset silhouette art
Animals: lion, elephant, giraffe, ostrich, gorilla, and chimpanzee


July 29-24: Asia
Crafts: panda, dragon puppet, fish windsock, paper lanterns
Animals: tiger, panda, orangutans, and Komodo dragon


July 26-31: Australia
Crafts: boomerang, Aboriginal cave art, platypus puppet, shell necklace
Animals: kangaroo, koala bear, wombat, platypus, dingo, and Tasmanian devil

*All craft programs sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library of Michigan*

Insititue of Museum and Library Services