2021 Summer Reading

Tails and Tales--Chameleon resting on a book

The 2021 Summer Reading Program!

The Summer Reading Book Club officially started June 1st, and is for all children ages 3-12.

This summer's program theme is "Tails and Tales".  Each week, starting June 14, we will showcase a different continent by sharing "tales" from that land during our outdoor storytimes, and provide a weekly craft bag with a variety of animal and cultural crafts. You'll be able to stop by the library during open hours and pick up your take-and-make bag.  

In addition, we've having a Summer Safari, a Virtual Pet Show, an Art Scavenger Hunt, and weekly Outdoor Storytimes!

We would like to thank our summer reading program sponsors:   
Culver’s of Waterford
McDonald's Corporation
Rain Forest Café of Great Lakes Crossing
Toyology Toys of Southeast Michigan
Zap Zone of Waterford
Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library of Michigan
Waterford Township Friends of the Library