Public Programs

The Waterford Fire Department offers a variety of fire and EMS related programs to the public. Listed here are only a few including the highly acclaimed cadet program, the high school work study program, the juvenile firesetter program, public CPR and first aid classes, The Waterford EMS Academy which offers professional EMS certification and licensure level education, and the fire relief fund.

Additional programs not listed here such as the fire safety house, the school liaison program, fire safety seminars for seniors and fire safety for preschoolers can be found under the fire safety section.
  1. Cadet Program

    During the mid 1970s, the Waterford Fire Department initiated a cadet program intended to offer local area high school seniors the opportunity to experience first-hand what a career in the fire service was like.

  2. EMS Academy

    Visit this website to learn how to join the Fire Department's EMS Academy.

  3. Fire Relief Fund

    The Fire Relief Fund Committee consists of Waterford fire fighters who work together with the Comfort Inn of Waterford in providing short-term shelter for fire victims.

  4. Public CPR Classes

    The Waterford Fire Department, through the Waterford EMS Academy, offers CPR and first aid training to the general public.